Vabatahtlikuna Lille Majas | EUROOPA VABATAHTLIK TEENISTUS | EVS 2018/2019 in Lille Maja
Hooaeg 2015/2016 Jérome´iga


EVS project „Message on the Wall” brought from France to Lille Maja youth centre in Estonia a 20-year-old self-studied graffiti-artist Jérôme Plouzeau from France as a European Voluntary Service volunteer.

Lille Maja is a small youth centre in Tartu, a university town of 100 000 citizens. Lille Maja´s open youth room is open Monday-Friday at 1pm – 7pm. The visitors of the youth room are mostly 7-12 year old kids. Lille Maja arranges activities also for 13-18 year old youth. Grown up young people participate in Lille Maja´s activities mainly as volunteers.

From 1. September 2015 until 31. August 2016 Jérôme helped Lille Maja´s youth workers to arrange activities to kids and teenagers in the open youth room. Once a week he prepared and gave French lessons to young adults, once a week he prepared and instructed cooking club for kids and teenagers, once a week he arranged a graffiti club for teenagers and once for week for kids. He designed and published posters and flyers for his activities, created FB events, prepared hang-outs for French classes, graffiti and cooking clubs. Jérôme was very positive and open person, it was easy for him to make contact with kids and teenagers. Everybody liked to hang around with him and play games.

Jérôme took part in Lille Maja´s Forum Theatre group. In co-operation with the colleagues he prepared several Forum Theatre pieces (“My Good Relations”, “NEET-youngsters” and “The School of Gender Issues”). He participated in 33 Forum Theatre performances (which took place in Tartu, but also in Ahja, Viljandi and Põltsamaa). Jérôme helped to prepare and arrange Tartu School Theatre Festival, whole town event “Children´s Day”, Tartu-Narva Youth Meeting, Open Days of Lille Maja etc. Jérôme initiated a longer youth project Lille Maja and youth centre of Belleville sur Vie as partners, which is going on right now.

In the frames of several events Jérôme instructed graffiti workshops, which resulted in

* temporary plastic graffiti pieces in Tartu city centre (graffiti action “Lille Maja is Visible!”, Youth Work Week in November, Tartu School Theatre Festival, Children´s Day on 1st of June) or elsewhere (for example in the yard of Narva youth centres during Tartu-Narva Youth Meeting or Europe Day graffiti in Põltsamaa). (Temporary plastic graffiti lasts usually about 1-2 weeks.)

* graffiti pieces in Anne Youth Centre, Lille Maja, Ahja Youth Centre etc. Graffiti club´s last work was a bigger graffiti on the wall in Lille Maja´s yard.

Jérôme concluded his year in Lille Maja with an exhibition in Lille Maja. One of the follow-up activities of the project was printing Jérôme´s graffiti “Lille noortekeskus” on new aprons of the cooking club.

Jérôme helped kids, teenagers as well as youth workers to see their home town Tartu from different point of view and encouraged the young to form and express their opinions and think critically. Jérôme introduced graffiti culture to the youth and explained, what is behind the messages on the wall. His activities raised awareness about and tolerance towards subcultures around us.

Participating in the project equipped Jérôme with the knowledge and tool kit of the youth work. He learned how to involve kids and teenagers into process of project leading, arranging activities, advertising. He learned how to give feedback to different age groups. Now he works as a youth worker in the youth centre of Belleville sur Vie.

Jérôme and the youth of Lille Maja learned more to appreciate French as well as Estonian culture and more to understand different subcultres. Jérôme made new friends and acquaintances, also graffiti artists. He learned to speak Estonian.

All the participants of the project discovered something new for themselves, learned more to care about themselves and each other; and also they were encouraged to take actions in fulfilling their dreams. The project helped the participants to become more tolerant and appreciate the possibilities of European Union and different cultures.


Projekti toetas SA Archimedes noorteagentuuri Erasmus+ programmist.
Projekti sisuliste tegevuste eest vastutavad Euroopa vabatahtliku teenistuse vabatahtlik ning Lille maja noored ja töötajad.