Vabatahtlikuna Lille Majas | EUROOPA VABATAHTLIK TEENISTUS | EVS 2018/2019 in Lille Maja

The application process for 09.2017-07.2018 is completed, but you can apply for next year 08.2018-07.2019.

But more information about a particular passage can be expected here in this page from the autumn of 2017.

Lille Maja is a youth centre and we need mostly help in our open youth room. Youth room is a place where the youth (7 – 26 years old) can come and spend their free time. Our aim is to connect spending free time and having fun with nonformal learning.


1) First of all and most of all an experience in the field of youthwork: communication with young people and feeling that it really matters what you do. You can change the world. :) You can learn to lead a group, organise events, advertise etc.

2) Support of our team. We are ready to share our experience, but also we are ready to learn from you and your experience. You can propose your ideas and we help to put them into practice. (We have 4 youth workers, an administrator, a director and cleaning lady in our team. And most important is that we love our work.)

3) Support from the supervisor: helping to plan and analyse what you do. Also support from mentor (somebody who is not connected with Lille Maja and with whom you can talk really freely about everything).

4) The EVS project provides you with lodging, food and pocket money and network of other EVS volunteers.

5) Insight into Estonian culture and skills of Estonian language.


1) Youth room is open from Monday to Friday from 13.00-19.00. During this time we would like EVS volunteer help youth worker, communicate with youth, talk to them, play with them, arrange them activities. During vacations (a week in October, a week in March, 2-3 weeks in June) youth room is open from Monday to Friday from 10.00-17.00. In the mornings EVS volunteer will have time to prepare his/ her activities.

2) We would like EVS volunteer to arrange 3 activities once a week.(For example a volunteer from Italy instructed 2.1) an art club on every Monday at 14.00-18.00; 2.2) Italian language class on every Tuesday at 18.00-19.00 and 2.3) a cooking club on every Wednesday at 17.00-19.00.)

3) We would like EVS volunteer to design posters for his/ her own activities and Lille Maja s other activities.

4) We would like EVS volunteer to participate actively in Lille Maja s projects (like team-work workshops for 10-30 pupils, Forum Theatre group, instructing workshops on different festivals, summer camps etc.). Sometimes these projects would take place during weekends – then EVS volunteer would get free days afterwards.

5) We encourage EVS to come up with his/ her own projects.

NB! We don t expect you to be a professional, but we would like you to be ready to share and learn.


Please send an e-mail to contact person:
Reelika Lodjak

In this e-mail please:

1) send to us a MOTIVATION VIDEO why you would like to come during your EVS to Lille Maja and Tartu and Estonia.

2) send us plans what arranged activities you would do. (Ask the form of month plan.) We would like to have 3 PLANS: one for each activity during one month with explanations why would you do that and what would be the outcome for the kids. (You can choose from those activities the Italian volunteer instructed or you can arrange something that is more meaningful for you.)

3) design 3 POSTERS advertising your weekly activities (3 posters – one for each activity).

4) write us about some projects you would like to lead – main IDEA.

5) CV with picture.

Please feel free to ask further information.